Our SHIP Medicare counselors work one-on-one with each client over the phone or in person.

How we help
  • Solve your health insurance problems
  • Assist with Medicare and Medicaid forms,
  • Guide you with insurance claims, and
  • Provide information to help you address your healthcare needs.

How to reach us

We have an automated phone messaging service where you may leave a message for us 24/7.

How we respond

You may leave a message about your issue or ask to schedule a phone or in-person consultation. Our volunteer staff respond to inquiries within 72 hours, in the order of when they were received. We make at least 2 attempts to return calls.

If you need help speaking for yourself

If you speak another language

If you are more comfortable speaking in a language other than English, our counselors use an on-demand translation service. Just leave us a message that you would like a translator, and the language and times you are available 3–5 days after your call.

If someone speaks on your behalf

Some SHIP clients have advocates who help them navigate Medicare or have the legal authority to speak on their behalf. You and your advocate must be on the phone when you give us permission to speak to the other person. We will then be able to answer your questions or address any concerns you may have with your healthcare.

Community partners schedule onsite appointments

SHIP works with community partners to arrange on-site one-on-one counseling sessions for residents or members. If you would like to schedule a session in your center or building, please send a request to SHIP.

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